Outgunned Games
Tampere, Finland

Founding date

April 2015





Twitter: @outgunnedgames
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Outgunned Games is a one-man game studio run by Markus Latvala.


Early history

Game development has been my dearest hobby since the early 90’s. For me making games are the perfect combination of art and logic – an opportunity to stretch my imagination and create whole worlds that slowly come alive during development.

I have done numerous prototypes and “almost done” projects during the years, but only managed to release one title, Project AW (2001). The unpredictability of life made me drift away from games and I ended up making a career in business software instead. I never really saw games as a viable source of income and it had become just too time-consuming for me to keep as a hobby.


After a long hiatus I decided to reclaim my old hobby and started working on a Mega Man 2 remake, just for fun. I also started attending local IGDA meets and got acquainted with some nice people in the industry. Encouraged by the community, I decided to turn my retro remake into a commercial product, Giga Girl, and registered a business in hopes of some actual income.

Unfortunately Giga Girl was far from being profitable, but the sales did cover all the expenses and some. Delighted that I had made any money at all, I invested the income in software licences and started prototyping my next project.

After a full year in development, Little Comet was released for PC/Mac in December 2018 and for iOS/Android in early 2019. Little Comet received good reception in the beginning, but it wasn’t enough to make it profitable.

My 3rd game was a casual arcade game for iOS/Android, Bungee Spider. It was my first attempt at a free-to-play title and complete bust. It made literally no money at all, making it a big financial failure.