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Release Date

March 3, 2020





Bungee Spider (2020)

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Ready for some extreme spidering?

Take control of Parker, a small fruit-hungry spider, by tilting your device to swing left or right and move it vertically to bounce up and down. The more you move the bigger bounce!

Your objective is to eat as many fruit as you can before the buffet closes. While eating fruit is beneficial to your health, our dietitians warn about the risks that come with eating too much: It’s a little known fact that those who spend more time in a buffet are more likely to get hit by a huge water drop or stung by angry wasps.

According to some experts, this game is best played standing up, so make sure you have enough room around you, and remember to hold onto your device tight! The actual gameplay is fully motion controlled, so feel free to grab your mobile phone/tablet/flat screen tv with both of your hands.

Main Features

  • Motion controlled
  • Simple fun
  • Rock soundtrack
  • Free to play

Bungee Spider is free to play with an optional Rewarded Ad to earn a continue. Continues can only be used once per game, meaning you will always have max two lives when playing.

Team & Contributors

Markus Latvala – solo dev


1.0 “Quick Brunch” ✓

  • Survival & Time Attack game modes
  • Local hiscores
  • Continue Rewarded ad

1.1 “Smörgosbård” ✓

  • Global leaderboard
  • Improved Graphics

1.2 “Bistro” ✓

  • Improved Performance. The game now runs smoothly on an iPhone 4s

1.3 “Salad to Go”

  • Continue IAP
  • Shield Powerup
  • Settings Menu
    • Google Play Games Logout
    • Restore Purchases


  • Seasonal themes
  • Hats
  • Remove ads IAP
  • More hazards
  • Powerups

Licensing & Attribution


  • “Summertime rock” by Sergio Caragliano
  • “Extreme Game” by Twisterium

Sound Effects

  • Freesound.org community (CC 0

Copyright Notice

You are allowed to

  • Monetize on streaming or videos of the game
  • Create derivative works for non-profit purposes

You are NOT allowed to

  • Modify or redistribute the game
  • Sell derivative works without permission