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Developer: Outgunned Games
Website: Little Comet (2018)




Release date: December 14, 2018
Normal price: $3.99

Release date: April 13, 2018
Normal price: $2.99

Mac App Store

Release date: January 22, 2019
Normal price: $2.99

App Store

Release date: February 13, 2019
Normal price: $2.99

Google Play

Release date: March 3, 2019
Normal price: $2.99


Little Comet is a cute physics-based space minigolf

Guide Little Comet on her long journey around the sun. Meet new friends and collect candy while you slingshot your way past the planets of our Solar System. Dodge gravity fields, ride the solar wind, and avoid perils like electric storms and hot planets to reach the next wormhole that takes you one step closer to your mother, the sun.

Main features

  • Turn based minigolf-like gameplay
  • Primary objectives are easy enough for the youngest players while secondary objectives provide challenge for grown ups
  • Family-safe: Cute characters, no IAPs, no ads, no violence
  • Learn things about our solar system, like the order and names of the planets


  • All the chapters in the game are actual locations ordered by their distance from the sun. The fact that our little hero starts from the Oort Cloud is also not a coincidence as it, as far as we know, is where most of the comets come from. The planet sizes, colors, rings and even the most significant moons also reflect their real life counterparts. Of course I had to make some compromises for usability’s sake, so sizes and distances are not to scale and a lot of smaller moons have been left out.
  • The game was not originally meant to be this long, but the real science -theme dictated the number of chapters and I didn’t want to have chapters with only two courses in them.
  • Pretty much the only reason to have any text in the game at all is just to teach the players the names of the celestial bodies.
  • During development, Little Comet was vigorously (monkey?) tested by my three- and five-year-old daughters.
  • It’s a small game, but some content still had to be cut out. The original plan included children’s book like cutscenes and collectible stickers. Of course, both of these could still be implemented as a part of an update.
  • Most of the sound effects were done by smashing random toys in the kids’ room. Lacking a proper mic, I recorded them with an iPhone

Team & Contributors

  • Markus Latvala – solo developer


  • Chinese – He-Xiao Niu (牛禾晓)
  • Brazilian Portuguese – Digital Kaz Brazil
    Alessandro “Digital Kaz” Cazetta & Felipe A.



You are allowed to:

  • Monetize on streaming or videos of the game
  • Create derivative works for non-profit purposes

You are NOT allowed to:

  • Modify or redistribute the game
  • Sell derivative works without permission


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