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Dec 2018




Little Comet (2018)

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Little Comet is a cute physics-based space minigolf

Guide Little Comet on her long journey around the sun. Meet new friends and collect candy while you slingshot your way past the planets of our Solar System. Dodge gravity fields, ride the solar wind, and avoid perils like electric storms and hot planets to reach the next wormhole that takes you one step closer to your mother, the sun.

Main features

  • Turn based minigolf-like gameplay
  • Primary objectives are easy enough for the youngest players while secondary objectives provide challenge for grown ups
  • Family-safe: Cute characters, no IAPs, no ads, no violence
  • Learn things about our solar system, like the order and names of the planets

Team & Contributors

  • Markus Latvala – solo developer


  • Music – Ionics Music; via Melodyloops
  • Electric zap sfx (CC Attribution) – by Benjavin Harvey design; based on the works of Eliot Lash and Glaneur de sons
  • Additional sound effects (CC 0) – community
  • Yen Light font (GNU GPL) – Prof. Hann-Tzong Wang (王漢宗)
  • Amatic SC font (OFL) – The Amatic SC Project Authors


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Announcement trailer
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