Long time, no post.

As you might know, Giga Girl got greenlit, and I’ve been working on a 1.1 version to be released on Steam. It contains some minor tweaks and small features that I’m hoping will increase the replay value of the game. You can expect a Steam release date later this year, probably already before autumn.

While things are going nice with GG, I’ve started to doubt my game2 plans. The original idea was to make a modest game and reuse the engine for game3, but since my time is so limited, it would take a really long time to even get started with the ambitious, and rather original idea that I’ve been having in my head for a while. That’s why I have decided to skip the whole cave-themed puzzle thing and start working on the cooler game instead. Because of the complexity of the game, I’m going to use Unity3D as the engine. Unfortunately I’m not too familiar with Unity, so there will be a learning period that I don’t get that much content done. In the long run it should save me a lot of time though.

I’m not going to annouce the new game2 idea quite yet, but I can tell you the game will be a metroidvania with some twists and a rather original theme.