This is the user’s guide for Giga Girl (1.1). Please note that the screenshots on this page might not all be from the latest version of the game.


Giga Girl is best played with a gamepad, but if you don’t have one, you can use keyboard too. Button layouts are based on an Xbox 360 controller, but all DirectInput compliant gamepads should work.


dpad / ARROW KEYS = RUN / CLIMB      ESC = “Boss key” (quick exit)

a / Z = JUMP    x / X = SHOOT    b / RETURN = IN-GAME MENU

If a gamepad is connected when the game is running, it will be automatically detected and added to the active controllers. A notification will be displayed on bottom of the screen.

Gigagirl 2016-07-06 22-42-38-64

If a connection to a gamepad is lost during the game, the game will pause automatically. Press any button or key to dismiss the notification.

Gigagirl 2016-07-06 22-42-26-96


You can change various game settings in the main menu

Gigagirl 2016-08-03 23-49-55-45

  • Display mode: Window / Fullscreen
  • Window size (when display mode is windowed)
  • Sound effect volume: 0-100
  • Music volume: 0-100
  • Show speedrun timer: Yes / No

Command line arguments

Command line arguments can be used to override settings

You run the game in windowed mode by using the -window switch. The window size can be set freely, but note that the game screen will only scale in multiples of 256×240.

-window 512x480

To start the game in fullscreen use the following argument


New / Load game

Giga Girl has three save game slots. When you select a save, the game will continue from where you left off. Select an empty slot to start a new game.

The save file screen also displays some in-game statistics. On the first row you have the total ellapsed time. On the second row, extra lives and collected item count. Collected weapons are listed on the third row.

Gigagirl 2016-08-03 23-55-28-43

Playing the game

The game starts from a stage select screen. You can complete the stages in any order and return to the stages later for treasure hunt.


After you select a stage, the main game begins. Extra lives, health points and ammo are displayed on the top-left corner of the screen.


Each stage has three to four savepoints, so you don’t need to always start from the beginning if you die. If you run out of extra lives, a “Game over” screen will be displayed and you will be returned to the stage select screen.

Run, jump and shoot your way to the robot master waiting you at the end of the level.  After beating the robot master, Giga Girl steals his/her special weapon and leaves the stage. Game will be automatically saved when the stage is cleared.


You can safely ALT+TAB out of the game anytime. The game will be paused whenever it is not active.

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