Giga Girl coming soon to Steam

Giga Girl got greenlit earlier this summer and will be coming to Steam later this year. We will still add some minor features that hopefully will improve the replayability of the game. Most of these features will be available in the DRM-free version of the game too. If you already own the DRM-free version, you […]

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Coming soon: Giga Girl

Giga Girl is now officially done and a release candidate version has been sent to our brave test group. After the game is deemed bug-free, it will be released to the wild. The estimated release date is March 25th. The game will be first available on and here on We would very much […]

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Beta test period has ended

Thanks for all our brave testers!

I would say the test was a success, as it revealed a couple of bugs, brought up good ideas to improve the game. In addition, a nice set of data was collected automatically. Analyzing this data should reveal the choke-points in the levels – some of which were not planned, and might require some easing up.


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Giga Girl goes beta

Interested in beta testing Giga Girl? We need your help to ensure the game will be as bugfree and balanced as possible before the actual release. As a beta tester you will get early access to the game itself, your name in the credits, and a warm fuzzy feeling for helping an indie developer. This […]

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Hello world!

The website is finally up and running! On this site you will find information on our games as well as the latest company news. You can also expect to see a development blog somewhere in here in the future.

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